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Sara's Services and Fees

Many extended health plans cover counselling services rendered by Registered Therapeutic Counsellors

Direct Billing: Autism Funding Unit, Variety Club, and Distance Learnings Programs

Currently only offering online services.  Clients can waitlist for in-person September.


Expressive Arts Therapy

Initial Consultation  15 minutes  Free

Meet and greet. An opportunity to meet and ask questions about expressive arts, share what you are looking for in therapy, discuss possibilities in ways to work together. See if it is something you want to try or it may be a good fit.


Expressive Arts Therapy   45min  $100

Expressive arts therapy is a way of being with situations and emotions that may feel stuck or challenging. Through the art modalities (such as play, story telling, poetry, sound, movement, visual arts, photography, mindfulness, etc.) people can feel supported and lower the pressure to ‘figure things out’ or ‘fix’ a problem. It is a resource oriented way of working, meaning you will uncover your gifts and tools; growing your capacity to see play as a resource; while being supported and witnessed by a compassionate, gentle and artful guide/playmate/therapist. There is no need to have a background in art; No special skills are required, we will work with what we have or what may be needed (low skill high sensitivity).

Adaptive & Modified Counselling

2-Month Client Package  $500  

This is an opportunity to work with a more flexible schedule. If you have diverse needs around time or how you like to check in. There are time slots blocked off specifically for you to book last minute sessions and greater opportunity to check in via email/text with extra hours of availability. 

Rather than paying per session; Pay for a monthly package. 4 full expressive arts sessions that can be used over a 2 month period.

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