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Christine's Services and Fees

Many extended health plans cover counselling services rendered by Registered Therapeutic Counsellors

Direct Billing: Autism Funding Unit, Variety Club, and Distance Learnings Programs

Due to COVID, there is limited availability for in-person sessions.


Pediatric Counselling Process

Initial Consultation  15 minutes  Free

Choosing a therapist isn't an easy choice. This is an opportunity to understand how Christine delivers her services and determine if she is a good fit for your family.  Christine will also verbally go through confidentiality and consent procedures at this time.


First Session  60 minutes   $160

Christine will perform an informal screening in the first session through games and playful interactions and begin to build rapport with the child.

If signs of autism were flagged in the parent interview and the child has not received a formal assessment, Christine will perform a comprehensive autism screening. This screening does not replace a formal assessment by a developmental pediatrician or psychologist.


Parent Interview 45 minutes   $160

This is a parent-only session to discuss the child's difficulties, family background, developmental history, relationship dynamics, personalities, interests, etc. For children without formal diagnoses, Christine will also be asking questions to screen for potential neurological differences.


Counselling  45 minutes   $160

A regular counselling session is 45 minutes of direct client time plus 15 minutes of preparation, note-taking, and cleaning up. Each session is a child-led and collaborative process with following and subtle guiding. We may talk, play, or explore colour and sounds. The therapy process looks different for each person as I respond to the unique needs of that individual, on that day, in that moment.

Family Services

Parent Consultation  $160

Christine offers judgement-free and empathy-based perspectives to help parents and caregivers make sense of puzzling behaviours and strengthen attachment and family relationships.

Autism Navigation

This is a service for families with new or suspected diagnoses of autism spectrum disorder

  • Informal Autism Screening

  • Access faster quality assessments

  • Choosing quality therapy services 

  • Maximizing funding 

  • Ideas and strategies to thrive and improve quality of life

  • School and IEP consultation

  • Parent transition support

Consultant Services

Comprehensive family and child support through collaborative medical model.

  • Team lead for therapy service planning and goal setting

  • Active collaboration with other service providers

  • Recruiting, training, and supervising therapeutic support workers

  • Parent support and training

  • Regular home visits

Adaptive & Modified Counselling

Christine also offers special appointment spots that allow last-minute cancellation to accommodate children with pathological demand avoidance or clients whose capacity for social engagement may come and go.

Text-Based  $160 per hour

This is an hourly service where counselling takes place over the client's preferred AAC/text messaging platform within the traditional hourly session.

One week Text-Based Session

Removing the urgency and constraint of time.  This allows the client to approach therapeutic experience when they can at a place they prefer.

Therapy requires proper opening and closing of the session.  The client can choose a period of 7 days where the client and therapist exchange emails.

$140 per hour of reading and writing.

The Pen Pals

The therapist and client engage in long-term pen pal style communication.  No time limit or urgency. Take a day or take a year.

$140 per hour of reading and writing.

Neurotypical writing standards do not apply here. In fact, non-cognitive exchanges such as photos, memes, or artistic creations are highly encouraged.

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