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About Sara Anderson

Sara Anderson is an expressive arts therapist, registered therapeutic counsellor, group facilitator and artist.


As an expressive arts therapist, her practice is highly versatile and built upon curious creativity for what is possible. With compassion, she will meet you (or the child) where you’re (they’re) at. She has experience working with adults and children of diverse backgrounds and abilities. She brings a calm and caring approach to her work.


Her approach is very gentle and does not work towards ‘fixing’ anyone or anything but rather encouraging self-discovery and enhancing life skills (such as relations to others, emotional well-being, behaviours, communication, etc.) through play, curiosity and witnessing. As every person has a unique story, experience and way of being, it is important that you (or child) is able to be fully yourself (themselves);


I am here to listen and offer gentle disruptions to expand the possibility for healing and connection to being a human. Or maybe you simply need someone to be with you and witness your creativity, or have a play partner in your creative explorations! I am here for you!


Special interests in depression, anxiety, shame, grief and loss, life transitions, loneliness, shyness, selective mutism, social communication differences

Ongoing continuing training in Hakomi Method (mindfulness, body centred form of psychotherapy)


Expressive Arts Therapy

Initial Consultation  15 minutes  Free

Meet and greet. An opportunity to meet and ask questions about expressive arts, share what you are looking for in therapy, discuss possibilities in ways to work together. See if it is something you want to try or it may be a good fit.


Expressive Arts Therapy   45min  $130

Expressive arts therapy is a way of being with situations and emotions that may feel stuck or challenging. Through the art modalities (such as play, story telling, poetry, sound, movement, visual arts, photography, mindfulness, etc.) people can feel supported and lower the pressure to ‘figure things out’ or ‘fix’ a problem. It is a resource oriented way of working, meaning you will uncover your gifts and tools; growing your capacity to see play as a resource; while being supported and witnessed by a compassionate, gentle and artful guide/playmate/therapist. There is no need to have a background in art; No special skills are required, we will work with what we have or what may be needed (low skill high sensitivity).

Adaptive & Modified Counselling

Text Counselling 45minute $130

Real-time social interactions can be exhausting for many people. Chat with Sara via text messaging or our confidential online platform where you can exchange words, pictures, or other media. Verbal conversations are not required.  

Nature Explorer  45minute $130 + travel

Children will have the opportunity to make art and find play and connection with the natural world. We will spend time outside, rain or shine, every time we meet. These are Child-led, child-based experiences (kids' curiosity, ideas, and interests shape how the time comes together). Exploring gardens, trails, and parks (plants, trees, rocks, etc.) through play and imagination; with the support of a compassionate, sensitive adult and trauma-informed expressive arts therapist, who will meet your child where they are at. 

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