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Music Therapy

Initial Consultation  15 minutes  Free

Music therapy has a variety of approaches and frameworks; a session from one music therapist will sometimes differ greatly from a session with another music therapist. This is an opportunity to connect with Micaela, learn about her approaches and practices, and ask any questions that may come up to determine whether her services would be something that you’d want to try.


Individual Music Therapy Sessions   45mins   $130

Each music therapy session is collaboratively constructed between the client and the therapist. Sessions can involve singing, playing an instrument, recreating songs, songwriting, improvisation, rhythmic based activities, mindfulness, writing musical stories, music-based discussion, and playlist creation. Agency within the musical relationship is often a large area of focus for clients. While an interest in music and sounds can help sessions, music therapy is meant to be an accessible medium of creativity. No prior experience in music is necessary!

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About Micaela Pirritano

Micaela Pirritano is a neurodivergent certified music therapist (MTA) and professional vocalist who is passionate about promoting music as a lifelong companion for well-being. Realizing the therapeutic value of music in her own life is what led Micaela to pursue and complete her Bachelor's Degree in Music Therapy at Capilano University, which included a 1000-hour practicum at BC Children's Hospital.
Micaela has worked for 12 years with children and youth in a variety of roles. In these diverse positions, her style of working with children has continually emphasized creativity and expression. Micaela believes that play is a foundational part of one's health and incorporates this philosophy into the work she does. Her approach is centered around facilitating a therapeutic relationship through music for each of her clients. How that relationship looks is beautifully unique to each individual. Each music therapy session is collaboratively constructed between the client and the therapist. Whether a client wants someone to simply be with them in a musical space, wants to learn a new instrument or song, or wants to explore different socioemotional dynamics through music, all is welcome. While Micaela may gently encourage & suggest ways of exploration, her priority is honouring the wants and needs of each individual she works with and meeting them where they’re at.

Micaela is returning to school on a part-time basis to pursue her Master’s in Educational Psychology. She will have limited availability as of Fall 2022.

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