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About Lexxus Anderson

Lexxus is a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor and holistic counsellor. She is particularly interested in somatic therapy and ecotherapy, but is also trained in CBT, DBT and trauma-release therapy. She also enjoys focusing on the physical and emotional wellness of individuals.

Her approach is very grounded, compassionate and relatable. She uses very simple talk to relate to clients while still providing therapeutic support. She believes that with the right support and guidance, most anyone can find the answers they're looking for within themselves. She will gently guide them to find what they connect to, what emotions are deeper within, and what needs they have. 

" I personally get so excited when we incorporate body movement, dance, play etc. into our time together. Using elements like somatic work and the use of nature as a grounding tool is so soothing and freeing, I like to think that it lets kids have a space to be expressive, but also allows adults to connect to their emotions stored in their body and use outside as a space to be connected to themselves rather than work, family etc. However, I am a very open person and would love to be a part of whatever journey you decide works for you!"

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