Counselling Services

Many extended health plans cover counselling services rendered by Registered Therapeutic Counsellor

Direct Billing: Autism Funding Unit and District Learnings

Due to COVID, there is limited availability for in-person sessions.

All parent and teen counseling sessions take place via teletherapy platforms. Exceptions can be made case by case basis.


ASIST Suicide Intervention

Post suicide support

Safety Planning

Expressive Arts Therapy

Play Therapy

Resource Focused

Relationship Development

Sensory Integration



Collaborative Preventive Solution (CPS)

Neurodiverse Affirmative

I work with children and their families to improve their quality of life and to empower them to grow in authentic and meaningful ways.  Sometimes, children cannot bring themselves to talk about particular issues, and this therapy can help them discover ways to express and form meaningful connections and find their inner resources and strength. Also, I support parents to explore their unique strengths and gently walk them through the hard stuff together. Whether you need an empathetic holding place or a concrete skill-based solution for your family needs, it would be my honor and pleasure to help you.

I have specialized expertise in supporting children with developmental and neurological differences. This also includes children with non-verbal autism. Although talking or conversation may be a part of this experience, no verbal response is required from the child.

Cherish Clinic in Burnaby is perfectly suited to support children under the age of 13 and their families.  Most children are not the sit-down-and-talk type.  Often, they require different ways to connect and express themselves. This space is well equipped to support many sensory needs and active bodies.  There is a low sensory room and another space with a rock climbing wall, swings, hammocks, trampolines, and more.  Fenced-in outdoor space is also available for children who are more regulated in an outdoor environment. 

Online counselling has become a surprisingly effective and therapeutic modality for many children. As long as the child has the developmental ability to sit and play a video game for 45minute, Christine is able to provide productive counselling service through Zoom, Minecraft, and other interactive platforms.


Pediatric Counselling Process

Initial Consultation  15 minutes  Free

Choosing a therapist isn't an easy choice. This is an opportunity to understand how the therapist delivers their services and determine if the therapist is a good fit for your family.  The therapist will also verbally go through confidentiality, consent, and procedures at this time.


First Session  60 minutes   $140

Christine will perform an informal screening in the first session through games and playful interactions and begin to build rapport with the child.

If signs of autism were flagged in the parent interview and the child has not received a formal assessment, Christine will perform a comprehensive autism screening. This screening does not replace formal assessments by a developmental pediatrician or psychologist.


Parent Interview 45 minute   $140

This is a parent-only session to discuss the child's difficulties and the family background, developmental history, relationship dynamic, personalities, interests, and etc. For children without formal diagnoses, Christine will also be asking questions to screen for potential neurological differences.


Counselling  45 minute   $140

Regular counseling session is 45 minute direct client time plus 15 minutes of preparation, note-taking, cleaning up. Each session is a child-led and collaborative process with following and subtle guiding. We may talk, play, or explore colour or sounds. The therapy process looks different for each person as I respond to the unique needs of that individual, on that day, in that moment.