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Caregiver Consultation

Autism Specific Counselling

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Caregiver Consultation

Do you feel stuck or exasperated with certain family dynamic or repeated conflict? This consultation offers judgement-free and empathy based perspectives to help caregivers make sense of puzzling behaviours and strengthen the family relationships.

Autism specific Counselling

This is a service for families with new or suspected diagnoses of autism spectrum disorder where early intervention is crucial.

  • Access faster quality assessments

  • Choosing quality therapy services 

  • Maximizing funding and deductibles

  • ASD information relevant to the child

  • Ideas and strategies to thrive and improve quality of life

  • School consultation

RDI Consulting

Relationship Development Intervention (RDI) is a development approach to behavioural intervention for children with ASD.  It focuses heavily on dynamic social intelligence.  RDI aims to restore the attached, attuned, and authentic parent-child relationship and foster an environment for dynamic learning and growth through fun and engaging day-to-day activities.


A RDI behavioural consultant supports, trains, and educates parents to take on the role of guiding mentors.

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