Expressive Arts Therapy

Initial Consultation  15 minutes  Free

What is Expressive Arts Therapy? This is an opportunity to meet Matthew and ask questions about his methods and practices and determine if his services are an appropriate fit.


Expressive Arts Therapy   45min  $100

You do not have to be an artist or have experience in order to create! Expressive Arts Therapy focuses on low-skill activities that can lead to inner exploration. 

Each session is a unique and collaborative process between the therapist and the client. They explore a variety of modalities that may include: visual art, movement, play, sound, drama, poetry, storytelling and nature-based arts. There is no pressure to do a specific activity or be a certain way during the session - uniqueness is welcomed and encouraged! Being in the present moment can help the client uncover their own strengths and tools that can be used as resources in their life.

About Matthew Smith

Matthew is a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor trained through Vancouver Expressive Arts. He is a first-generation Canadian born in Vancouver and has over 8 years of experience in healthcare where he worked with a variety of individuals in critical care. He has experience working with topics of cultural awareness, depression, anxiety, survivors of abuse and gender sensitivity.

Matthew brings a calm demeanour to his practice and focuses on clients being truly seen and heard. It is important for him to bring his own authenticity in order to allow his clients to do the same. Matthew is an artist who has experience working with a variety of visual mediums and is also trained to work with movement, play, sound, drama, poetry, storytelling and nature-based arts. He believes that anyone can be creative and aims to help clients express themselves through whichever modality that calls to them. Matthew believes that through art we can challenge our reality and shift our perspectives, leading us to learn more about our uniqueness and how it fits into our world.